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Gardening Tips in the Fall

FlowersFall is almost here! There’s something magical about the season: the leaves, the weather, the boots… and most importantly for gardeners: the harvest! It’s time to pick many different fruits and vegetables such as peaches, grapes, watermelons, apples, pears, corn, pumpkin, and more. In addition to harvesting, it’s a great time to plant cooler-season foods and ornamentals. Read on to learn what you should be planting this time of year.

Pansies, blooming bulbs, garlic, natives/perennials, salad greens, peas, and radishes all are ready to be planted in the fall. Garlic will be ready in the summer, bulbs will pop out in the spring, pansies will provide color into the early winter, and salad greens will grow well into November or December in many zones.

Trees also need attention in the fall, as many places experience drought-like conditions over the winter and watering isn’t available everywhere in the winter. It’s important to get trees the hydration they need before the ground freezes. Run a hose out to trees and soak the ground underneath the canopy of the tree. Soak one tree every day until all trees have been soaked before a freeze.

When the weather has cooled down, it’s the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. Double check directions for your particular grass and zone, but in general, fall is a great time to prep the lawn for the following season. Maintaining a healthy root system is important.

Fall is a good time to apply RGA to lawns as well. RGA isn't just for large-scale agricultural usage. Use Rapid Growth Activator at home to enhance your yard and flowers, and to grow larger, more vibrant, and more delicious fruits and vegetables at home. Click here to learn more.


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