Use CitroBio on Seafood

Use CitroBio on Seafood

  • cb20-product-shotCitroBio promotes food safety and Enhances shelf life.
  • It has been proven effective against Ecoli, Salmonella and Listeria among other pathogens.
  • It can be used in icing machines, to rinse all types of seafood and to spray food contact surfaces.

Superior Quality from Catch to Table

  • CitroBio can be use throughout the entire seafood process.
  • Blend CitroBio with fresh or salt water, using holding tanks on vessels.
  • CitroBio can be titrated to the ice providing an ongoing treatment during shipping.
  • CitroBio can be used in wash / soaking tanks.
  • Use CitroBio to dip Seafood. In‐ out of the solution. Rinse if apply to final product.

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Use strictly in accordance with precautionary statements and directions. Do not exceed the recommended concentration.



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CitroBio uses FDA/GRAS
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