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Why Food Safety is an Important Public Health Issue


Foodborne illnesses are an enormous burden on public health and society. Each year over 48 million Americans (approaching 20% of the population) fall ill to food poisoning. A small percentage of these are due to foodborne outbreaks, when a certain food has been targeted as tainted, but most are due to cross-contamination, or not following food safety guidelines, and are preventable. It's important to prevent these illnesses and deaths for many reasons, one of which is that they are contributing significantly to the cost of healthcare, and lost wages and labor for employers.

Foodborne illness is most harmful to certain groups of people; particularly, the very young and the elderly. Children younger than age 4 have the highest incidence of lab-confirmed infections that are often preventable by simply washing hands more often and avoiding putting contaminated objects in the mouth. The elderly have reduced immune systems and are at greater risk of falling seriously ill to intestinal pathogens that are commonly transmitted through foods.

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent food poisoning and avoid getting sick. Read some of our tips here and be sure, as always, to thoroughly wash foods before cooking or consuming. Click here to buy CitroBio Fresh Food Wash on Amazon.

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