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Keeping Food Trucks Safe and Sanitary Proves Difficult

9250736379 ff3177d642 zThe latest trend in the culinary world arrives on four wheels. Food trucks are multiplying quickly and finding themselves on corners all over the US. Food trucks used to be just for ice cream and late night tacos, but they are overtaking the dining scene due to the affordability for budding restauranteurs. 

However, with gourmet chefs whipping up restaurant-quality meals in spaces no bigger than a typical stockroom or walk-in freezer, there are bound to be some hiccups in the process. An LA Times data analysis recently found that many food trucks are not up to par on food safety. More than a quarter of food trucks earned grades lower than an A over the past two years in Los Angeles, a popular locale for food trucks. This is very high in comparison to the 5% of traditional restaurants, and 18% of street food carts. 4% of all food trucks in the area were forced to close because their cleanliness was so poor, the study found.

There are many unique food safety challenges for food trucks. The trucks have a high risk of cross-contamination, due to the confines of the space the food is prepared in. The food is often prepared, cooked, finished and served on the same surfaces, and if the surfaces aren’t adequately sanitized between all of these steps, they can end up serving harmful bacteria to unsuspecting patrons. Food temperature can also be a problem in food trucks, as they often have small freezers and refrigerators and struggle to keep all foods at a safe temperature.

A quick and convenient way to address all these issues would be to implement the use of CitroBio. CitroBio can be used to spray over Poultry, Seafood, Meat, Fruit and Vegetables prior to food prep; use to clean cutting boards, utensils and containers preventing any type of cross contamination. CitroBio’s liquid formula act by destroying the cellular membrane of the micro-organism. The germ and bacteria killing power is due to the synergetic action created by reaction of the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) with natural acids. There are no harsh chemicals and it does not alter the smell, taste or texture of the food. Learn more here.

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Download CitroBio Test Data

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