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How to Prevent Cross-Contamination of Seafood

Keep Seafood Fresh with CitroBioSeafoods, like other foods, can contain illness-causing bacteria and viruses. These microorganisms come from a variety of means including the environment, pollution of the water, or contamination.                  

Contamination may be caused by many things including seafood handlers, equipment on boats and food processing factories, or the natural environment. Cooking fresh seafood to an internal temperature of 140°F helps to kill bacteria and viruses, but these microorganisms can cause illness when they are present in seafoods consumed raw, or in processed seafoods.

Cross-contamination of seafood can be prevented through good sanitation, personal hygiene, and seafood handling practices. Food handlers should be certain to:

  • Wear clean aprons and hair nets
  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling food
  • Wear sanitary gloves -- a fresh pair every time
  • Remove jewelry and tie back long hair
  • Remember to sneeze and cough away from foods
  • Do not work with food if actively sick/ill

CitroBio Fresh Food Wash is effective in controlling bacteria, as well as extending the shelf life of seafood. There is no need to rinse after applying CitroBio to seafood. CitroBio Fresh Food Wash does not alter the taste, appearance, or smell of seafood. CitroBio can also be used to clean utensils and cooking surfaces to reduce the threat of cross-contamination throughout the food processing industry. To learn more, click here.

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Download CitroBio Test Data

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