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How to Avoid Cross-Contamination of Food: Part 3

7008315173 8e15e7cf44 zRecapping on our previous overview of food cross-contamination, the key factor here is prevention and good food preparation and handling practices. Food can become cross-contaminated during grocery shopping, storage, preparation, and cooking. Utilizing good safety practices can help prevent illnesses from:

  • E. coli
  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Other foodborne diseases

Overall, to avoid cross-contamination, it is important to keep raw meat away from other foods and surfaces as much as possible. Store raw foods away from other foods in their own clean containers. When working with raw meat, be sure to wash hands and surfaces frequently with warm to hot soapy water. Do not use surfaces, utensils or containers that touched raw meat with prepared foods.

Plain water is good for removing dirt and loose debris from produce, but for reducing contaminants and controlling bacteria, as well as extending the shelf life of food, we recommend CitroBio Fresh Food Wash. CitroBio does not alter the taste, appearance, or smell of food. To learn more, click here.

Download CitroBio Test Data

Download CitroBio Test Data

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