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Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

seafood safetyMost everyone knows that eating seafood is very healthy and nutritious for our bodies. Many say that 3-5 servings a week can benefit our bodies greatly. We have put together a list of the top 10 health benefits of seafood, just a friendly reminder to include seafood in your daily meals.

• Heart Health- seafood doesn’t have a lot of saturated fat, but it does contain a high amount of omega 3, which protects the heart from possible diseases and helps to lower blood cholesterol.

• Joint Health- A regular diet of fish reduces symptoms of arthritis. It has also been found that Omega 3 prevents osteoarthritis.

• Healthy eyes- oil rich fish will help in keeping the eyes bright and healthy. Fish and shellfish also contain a form of vitamin A, which can help boost night vision.

• Nutrients- nutrients from seafood keep the body moving smoothly. Some nutrients include iodine, selenium, zinc, and potassium. Some of these nutrients can also help protect us from cancer.

• Healthy Lungs- eating seafood helps protect and reduce against asthma in children. It also keeps lungs stronger and healthier in adults.

• Healthy mind- seafood may also play a large part in preventing depression. It is also said to prevent against SAD and post-natal depression.

• Healthy Skin- fish is high in protein which contains collagen a substance that keeps skin firm and flexible. Omega 3 helps protect the skin from UV damage. It also helps with symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

• Healthy Digestive system- seafood helps protect against Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

• Brainpower- The human brain is 60% fat, much of that being Omega 3 fat. Research has indicated that people who eat seafood regularly are less likely to suffer from dementia and memory problems. DHA found in seafood is also said to help children concentrate better; improve reading skills, and ADAD.

So don’t forget to add a little seafood into your diet and indulge in all the health benefits associated with it!

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