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Food Trends for 2017: Improving the Quality of Food #HealthyFood

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As a foodie you know how tasty, delicious and satisfying food can be.  It’s such an enjoyable feeling to bite into your favorite piece of fresh key lime pie after dinner or how about taking a bite of that sushi from the Sushi Restaurant you and your friends hit up on Friday night only to realize that after all your indulging your gut is screaming “something’s not right”! No I’m not talking about your sixth sense, I’m talking about that crazy bloated stomach or that rumbling noise like something has started the third world war right inside you and you have no idea where it came from. Well let me tell you my friend that is the time to think less about that matter and more about what made you get sick #food safety.

Nowadays the food culture has evolved, consumers are taking a more conscious approach towards food quality. The latest trend is more about what you eat and what happens to your food from farm to table and in reality this approach gives truth to the saying “You are what you eat”.

Did you know that “foodborne illnesses affect consumers at least once a year, 76 million illnesses annually” and about 20 percent of foodborne illnesses are severe enough to require hospitalization.

Food contamination can come from many sneaky sources. Let’s get back to that delicious key lime pie, here’s a little secret I bet you didn’t know, birds poop on key limes, yes it is true, it’s a natural process. Now let’s not blame the birds but poop droppings are very common and they are contaminated with E.coli, this is something that happens on a regular basis, limes are not the only victims but all fruits , now do you see where I’m going with all this? It’s important to wash your fruits and vegetables and be wise about the next sushi place you eat at. Think twice about that “all you can eat sushi for $7.95”, ummm since when did fresh fish get so cheap. Food Safety is a tough lesson to learn and the price we have to pay is steep if we’re not careful.

Over the years many Restaurants have lost their reputation and even lost their businesses. It’s puzzling to say but some restaurants use unsanitized towels to clean food prep tables which can spread bacteria all over the surface of the table, which can then be passed onto foods. You’d be surprised at the number of employees who do not wash their hands between tasks, especially between handling raw meats and cooked foods, more than likely this is the culprit of foodborne illnesses. Cooked meats should never be put back into the container that held them when they were raw, this is a disaster just waiting to happen.

Nonetheless food cross contamination can be prevented and the delicious foods enjoyed without worry. For continued food quality and cleanliness, consider CitroBio Fresh Food Wash #Healthy Food. One product, numerous benefits! Click here to purchase.

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Download CitroBio Test Data

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