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Food Safety in the Great Outdoors

facebook event 500447810140370Autumn is looming, and is one of the best times to get outdoors. With the upcoming beautiful foliage and temperate weather, it’s hard to ignore the call of nature this time of year. Whether you are hiking or camping, you'll need to eat while you’re out on the road. If you’re camping for an extended period, meal planning is crucial to maintaining food safety standards. There are many ways to get protein from shelf-stable products like beef jerky, canned tuna, peanut butter, and nuts. If you prefer hot meals, consider preparing meals at home ahead of time, freezing them in a ziploc bag, and taking them with in a cooler (with plenty of ice) to heat up in a saucepan over the fire.

When you are going to be cooking outdoors, be sure to bring a food thermometer with you. In less than ideal lighting and food prep conditions, it can be impossible to determine if food is properly cooked to its safe temperature without one. Bring a cheat sheet with you of food safety temperatures if you’re going to be out in a place with spotty cell service.

Remember that food can become unsafe if it’s held in the “Danger Zone” of 40-140 degrees F for more than two hours (one hour if the temperature outside is above 90.) Make sure your coolers are properly iced at temperatures below 40, and if possible, bring two coolers: one for perishables that will remain closed most of the time and one for snacks and drinks that can be opened and shut repeatedly without losing food safety standards.

Also, don’t forget hand washing hygiene. Running water and soap is always the best, but in a pinch, biodegradable soap or disposable antibacterial wipes can work. Have a great time being food safe and relaxing in the great outdoors! Click here to purchase CitroBio Fresh Food Wash to keep food clean and safe wherever you go.

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Download CitroBio Test Data

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