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All About Shrimp: A Guide for Buying and Cooking Shrimp

shrimpDid you know out of more than 2000 species of shrimp, only 6 species are usually found in our markets? Those species are Gulf White, Ecuadorian or Mexican White, Black Tiger, Gulf Pink, Gulf Brown, Chinese White, or Rock Shrimp. Here’s a guide to help you scope out the best shrimp to buy and the best way to cook them.

The best way to buy shrimp is frozen. Fresh shrimp are usually hard to find, do not have a fresh flavor, and are less flexible to cook with. The shelf life of thawed shrimp is only a couple of days, whereas frozen shrimp can last up to a few weeks.

Avoid buying peeled and deveined shrimp. This causes loss of flavor and texture due to cleaning before freezing. Also avoid brown shrimp, especially large ones. These shrimp have a taste of natural occurring mineral, so if you’re sensitive to iodine, be aware. Do not buy shrimp with black spots and avoid shrimp with yellowing shells.

Defrost shrimp in the refrigerator or in cold water. Do not defrost in microwave; this will cause loss of moisture, nutrients, and weight.
Brining shrimp improves texture and flavor of shrimp. You will need:
• 1 cup of salt
• ½ cup of sugar
• 2 cups of boiling water

Combine salt and sugar into boiling water, then pour into large bowl filled with ice and water. You can add up to 2 pounds of shrimp, let it sit refrigerated for up to 2 hours and rinse well. You may also remove shell if the shrimp will be served with hot liquid; otherwise the shell gives good flavor and protects meat during grilling or poaching. Deveining shrimp is unnecessary unless preferred. Shrimp do not take long to cook. It could take as little as three minutes. Once the shrimp turn pink, they are finished cooking.

CitroBio for Seafood
Don’t forget CitroBio can be used in the brining process of your shrimp. Just add a little solution to your ice water mixture for added freshness, controlling of bacteria, and improvement on texture and smell. With CitroBio, safety of seafood doesn’t have to be an issue. Learn more about CitroBio throughout our website or give us a call.

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Download CitroBio Test Data

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